Interview With Kaylin McFarren, Author of Twisted Threads

Kaylin McFarren has received more than 40 national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious Golden Heart Award nomination for Flaherty’s Crossing – a book she and her oldest daughter, Kristina McMorris, co-authored in 2008. Prior to embarking on her writing journey and developing the popular Threads action/adventure romance series, she poured her passion for creativity into her work as the director of a fine art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon; she also served as a governor-appointed member of the Oregon Arts Commission. When she’s not traveling or spoiling her pups and three grandsons, she enjoys giving back to her community through participation and support of various charitable and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and is currently the president of the Soulful Giving Foundation – a non-profit focused on cancer research, care and treatment at hospitals throughout Oregon.Welcome Kaylin, and thank you for being with us today! Why don’t you start by telling our readers a bit about your journey to becoming a published author?I have always had a love of reading… at least as far back as I can remember. My interest in writing began at the tender age of 10, when an English teacher took an interest in my stories and encouraged me to keep a journal. Throughout high school and college, I worked on the newspaper and actually had my own column. But it wasn’t until my children were grown that I allowed myself the luxury of writing stories and submitting to publishers in New York. At one point, I was accepted by a famous, well-known firm, but then told to change everything about my book… everything that made it special. Rather than struggle to fit in with formulated fiction, I chose to spread my own wings with a small press and ultimately as a self-published author, which resulted in setting my own hours and deciding what I truly enjoy writing.What is “Twisted Threads” about?Akira Hamada, a beautiful Japanese geisha, failed at killing Kaito Mitsui two years ago-the same yakuza gang leader who destroyed her lover and forced her to become an assassin. Now, with his sister’s murderer traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship, Akira has ten days at sea to identify her target and complete her assignment as her penance, or face her own death.

What inspired you to write this story?For many years, I’ve been privileged to experience remarkable things and rare opportunities while traveling the globe with my husband. This had included a vast array of transportation, ranging from private planes, helicopters, and hot air balloons to kayaks, submarines, and elegant cruise ships. My world-travel journeys have not only allowed me to meet interesting people and discover fascinating cultures, but also to develop life-long friendships with fellow travelers and to introduce dear friends to all parts of the world. Interesting tales shared by friends, personal experiences, and extensive research have contributed to making this character-driven story possible and have inspired me to write this “twisted” tale.Which character do you relate to most? Is there a bit of you reflected in the characters?I honestly believe that there are small pieces of myself in every character that I create – my fears, my insecurities, my longings, and my craving for love, affection and acceptance. With that said, I find myself tangled up in the character of Devon Lyons-although he’s a self-assured man. In truth, he’s a lost soul in this complex murder-mystery story. For a number of years, he’s been struggling to find his true identity in a circle of family that is successful, strong, judgmental, and extremely opinionated. I believe this is his one opportunity to break out and discover what he’s truly made of and if he’s capable of real love.How involved was your research for “Twisted Threads”?It took me almost eighteen months to write Twisted Threads. This included the time needed to research ship disasters, interview cruise enthusiasts, reacquaint myself with characters from other books I’ve written, and edit my final manuscript, while maintaining an active lifestyle, of course. Typically, I create a visual storyboard on Pinterest, write a short summary, and simply write by the seat of my pants without a thought about how the story will end. I’m not big on storyboarding and long-term planning like other authors. For me, it’s more interesting and fun to allow my characters to develop and direct the plots of each book.How do you keep the narrative fresh in a series?I tap into my personal experiences and inner voices that yearn to be heard. I love each and every one of my characters, despite their failings and imperfections, and want readers to sympathize with their plight, heartaches and damaged lives.What do you like to read?Everything you can imagine… but primarily thrillers and action-adventure stories.Do you believe in writing every day as a standard practice? Tell us about your writing schedule and a typical day at the desk of Kaylin McFarren.I write as a daily practice from 10am to 6pm. When it comes to creating fiction, this might involve fifteen minutes or four to five hours every day. But when I write, I’m compelled to voice the emotions buried deep within me. Years ago, I was a damaged soul, but I’ve always longed to be strong and to overcome the insignificance that I felt throughout my life.How do you feel when you finish a writing project?Accomplished. When I write the final words on a manuscript, I want to believe that the truth of my story is told and the buried message within the final chapter will be understood by the readers that see it. We all grow and become stronger from our experiences in life-good or bad… negative or positive-and I want to believe that my stories make a difference in their telling.What writers have inspired your own work as an author?I love all kinds of genres: mysteries, erotica, sci-fi, historical romance… you name it. But what I love most is current affairs told in a fictional account. That’s why I love Jodi Picoult books. She truly inspires me. Her books are controversial because they deal with real tragedies that average people don’t like to discuss but at the same time consider an unavoidable issue.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, about writing, or about life in general?Write what you’re passionate about. I understand that some stories require research and others require commitment and personal heartfelt experiences. But what I’m talking about is the need to share what your beliefs are… what you consider to be true and want others to understand more than anything in this world. Don’t try to fake it, because it shows… believe me. Write with your heart on your sleeve and with your mind wide open to possibilities and you’ll touch lives that you never thought possible.What advice can you give aspiring authors?Read like there’s no tomorrow. We learn from experience, whether it’s our own or someone else’s. Just trust in your talent and never stop believing that you have a gift to share.What’s next, do you have another project in the works?I’m currently working on a new time travel story that I’ve discussed with my husband. Strangely enough, he dreamed about this story and I want to write about it in the worst way possible.Where can readers connect with you on social media to learn more about “Twisted Threads” and your other books?I honestly try to be everywhere… while writing as much as I can. You can find me on Facebook and Goodreads under Kaylin McFarren, and on Twitter at @4kaylin. My website is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?If you relish stories created by an author, be sure to let them know. Your praise and support encourages them to work harder at developing new dramas, romances, murder mysteries and adventures that you’ll ultimately enjoy and they’ll feel rewarded by writing.

Awaken to Laws of the Universe: Why the Law of Attraction Is Not Enough

There has been a great deal written about the Law of Attraction, especially within spiritual, self-help, and self-development articles, blog posts, and books. There was a book titled The Secret which launched theLaw of Attraction into the spotlight several years ago. The “secret” had to do with a person’s ability to focus on whatever they wanted, and through the power of their focus and visualization, it would become possible to attract what was wanted into their life. It seemed like a simple concept to understand and apply, and if it could produce results that easily, it was understandable why many people were drawn to it.

I discovered this book and it helped begin an awakening within me. I studied the teachers who were included in the video which was produced in conjunction with the book. The use of the Law of Attraction seemed to be the easiest answer for these teachers to offer, when answering most of the questions people were asking about their lives, which was usually related to relationships, finances, careers, or something similar. As I studied these teachers, it seemed they were answering the same questions posed by their followers. Yet I found myself asking different questions, which these teachers and the Law of Attraction alone could not seem to answer.

Since finding Law of Attraction, I have been on a transformational journey. Learning about it has been the catalyst for a much-needed change in my life. However, the most exciting aspect of my transformation was the awareness I’ve gained about our human connection to the universe and learning how the essence of life is based upon energy. I have gone further in my understanding of the Laws of the Universe than what I have learned from most of the teachers who teach about the Law of Attraction. I have learned that the Law of Attraction is one of many Laws of the Universe, and there are also many universal truths that make up our existence.

Now I want to share with you what I have learned in my journey, which is still ongoing. I believe there are others like myself who have questions which the Law of Attraction, and teachers of the Law of Attraction, cannot fully answer. Once you have discovered the many Laws of the Universe and universal truths, perhaps you will begin your own transformational journey of discovery and personal awakening. I do not claim to have special powers, abilities, or all of the answers to your questions. What I have is an ability to be quiet and listen to a collective consciousness, which has been called Infinite Intelligence or Source by many, and this is something anyone can train themselves to do with time and practice.

I hope you are inspired by what you read.

One Man’s Transformational Journey

Throughout my life I have always been intuitive, and had an ability to sense and feel very strongly, although I have not always been willing to accept the nature of who I am. I tried to be “normal” for a quite a long time. It took time to recover from that disposition and sense of dislike about myself. I was also raised in a very strict, religious environment as a young person, which meant I was taught I was supposed believe a certain way about the order of the universe. As an adult I abandoned all of those beliefs and held no religious viewpoint whatsoever, except to reject the dogma being taught by most churches as it did not agree with what I felt inside.

Later in life, I began searching for answers as I had a growing list of questions I could not readily find answers to as I wanted to know more about what I felt inside and how I was experiencing the world around me. Approximately nine years ago, I came across The Secret and that is when I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction. I read books and online articles published by many of the teachers from the book, including the teacher whose work it is based upon but is not featured within the book, Esther Hicks.

As I conducted further research into the Law of Attraction, I was surprised to find this idea has been around since the early 1900s. At that time, it was called the New Thought Movement. In 1900 William Walter Atkinson wrote: “Anything is yours, if you only want it hard enough. Just think of it. ANYTHING. Try it. Try it in earnest and you will succeed. It is the operation of a mighty Law.” The New Thought Movement continued in its popularity until the 1960s.

The interest in the Law of Attraction was not as prominent again until The Secret came out in 2009, although Esther Hicks had begun her teachings about the Law of Attraction in the 1980s. The book made it seem as if answers to life could be easily attained through the Law of Attraction. While I did find it was helpful for my transformation, I also knew there had to be more involved as I watched many of the same people attend Esther’s seminars and ask the same questions. I read many critiques of the Law of Attraction, including people who felt frustrated by the lack of magical responses to their visualized wishes.

I also observed those who sought out the teachings of the Law of Attraction did not ask questions which went beyond the usual topics of relationships, finances, and careers. I had those questions at times, yet I knew there was more to it than wishing for something to happen. I had to also take inspired action when I had cultivated a positive and productive mindset. More importantly, I had questions which went beyond those basic topics as I wanted to know about the connection between humans and the universe, and I wanted to know more about Source Energy.

This is when I began to learn to concentrate, focus, and quiet my mind. I learned this through my work as an author and writer, by tapping into a consciousness stream and finding an infinite source of ideas and thoughts. I eventually began to realize I was tapping into an infinite source of wisdom, which is the Collective Consciousness of the universe.

I began to realize the source of life is energy and by knowing this my mind, and my entire world, opened up. Let me now share with you some of what I have learned. What follows are notes I have taken as I have been connected to this Collective Consciousness thought stream.

Everything is Energy

I have learned that energy is one of the foundational laws of the universe. It is a big subject and one which is backed by science and research. What follows is a sample of what I have learned from my connection to Infinite Wisdom.

Energy is one of the foundational laws of the universe.

There are three types of energy:

  • Static: That which does not move,
  • Energetic: That which is in motion, and
  • Magnetic: That which attracts like through vibration.

The human body can be static or in an energetic state. The human body’s functions are energetic, always in motion, causing organs and molecules to move in a continuous flow. The mind is magnetic and able to focus with clarity and attract similar thoughts, building momentum until what is focused upon become a manifestation.

Energy does not have a starting point or ending point. Energy exists through a tension of positive and negative signals. Those signals create balance and sustains life. Energy has been called “God” because of its pure nature, and “evil” because of the negative fluctuations and variance in levels. Energy connects intellect and therefore has been called Infinite Intelligence.

Energy can retain images, words, and anything else referred to as memory. Intelligence is a form of focused energy that has been harnessed or channeled for a specific purpose. It is not possible for a person to live without negative energy, which means that there are going to be sensory moments, or feelings, that vary from pleasant to unpleasant.

The phrase “Source Energy” is helpful for some people as a means of understanding the Laws of the Universe. To say “Source Energy” can be confusing for others as it would seem to imply a person must find it. But energy is all around us. It is the source of life. Energy can be experienced through focus and transmission of thoughts.

The mind and the brain are transmitters of energy, receivers of energy, and use energy to sustain life. Energy is the source of ideas, inspiration, intuition, emotions, feelings, words, language, sight, sound, taste, touch, writing, singing, and laughing.

Everything requires some form of energy. Energy has always been. As intelligence grows, energy expands. That is the evolution of man and time. Energy is finite and has no end. Energy continues to evolve and expand, adding new memories, thoughts, and ideas. Yet people may not be aware of energy around them. They may notice changes in energy, such as changes in weather or changes in nature.

But most people do not perceive energy itself, unless they are attuned to the connection held between their mind and the collective consciousness. While everyone has this connection, and no one is without it or can completely remove it, many do not know of it or want to believe they can access it.

Energy would only cease to exist if there was nothing left to sustain it and that would not occur unless every planet and every galaxy were to be removed from existence, and that could never be. Energy naturally produces new life and new manifestations, a cycle that causes the source energy to expand exponentially.

Collective Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence

Energy retains consciousness, it holds memories or Infinite Intelligence. From energy, life is experienced in cycles, seasons occur, patterns emerge. There is a collective consciousness that puts forth ideas that are sustained by energy.

Collective Consciousness is a repository for all thought – thoughts that have ever been thought or expressed. Infinite Intelligence is a higher form of the Collective Consciousness, the part where the collective seeks to bring together wisdom necessary to fulfill manifestations – or to provide ongoing support and guidance. It is available to every person if they will accept it.

Here is an example:

  • A person is connected through energy to the Collective Consciousness or Source Energy. Infinite Intelligence may have insight to share as impulses during the day – but the person must be willing to trust their instincts.
  • Also, if a manifestation such as a new job is to unfold, Infinite Intelligence will align all needed resources – and has the big picture available to know the right timing. The person must trust the timing to allow the manifestation to occur.

Laws of the Universe, Universal Truths

In addition to the Law of Attraction, there are other Laws of the Universe.

Universal Truth: Humans are created by energy, surrounded by energy, sustained by energy, yet are not always aware of the presence of a connection to energy.

Air is energy. The human body knows to breathe in air and receive energy. The human body knows how to expend energy and conserve it when needed.

Energy creates everything that lives and breathes. Energy creates the universe and sustains it. There is no person or being in the sky, only a collective of thoughts, memories, and intelligence that creates a pulse within energy – the positive aspects on one end and the negative on the other – a duality needed to hold the energy field steady.

Universal Truth: Energy Has No Expiration.

Energy would only cease to exist if there was nothing left to sustain it and that would not occur unless every planet and every galaxy were to be removed from existence, and that could never be. Energy naturally produces new life and new manifestations, a cycle that causes the source energy to expand exponentially.

Universal Truth: Energy is Balanced.

There isn’t more positive energy than negative energy. It is all equal. In order for energy to be sustained, it must have an equal flow of positive and negative energy.

Universal Truth: Energy Exists.

No one controls energy, making decisions as to how it flows or how much or how often. Energy is the reason why people believe there is a higher power and call it a supreme being, with those who are making statements that they are an authority as to how it is received, who is worthy to receive it, and who can best interpret it.

Law of Connection: There is a common phrase called the Law of Attraction. That is accurate. However, in order to attract you must first connect. All energy has two spectrums: Positive and Negative. All humans have an eternal connection to energy. That is called the Law of Connection. The Law of Attraction is not the next step or else a person would be attracting both positive and negative energy at the same time. A connection to energy means the dynamic balance of positive and negative energy exists.

The Law of Attraction refers to the Dimension of energy that a person is attuned to. A person who lives through reflections on the past, they develop a focus that attracts more of the same, which is usually negative energy.

  • Negative energy is where the past resides as it contains hurt, regret, bad feelings, loss, and pain. Positive energy is joy, love, acceptance, forgiving, and feelings of hope. (The past can contain positive memories, yet the negative memories often outweigh the positive memories)

Whatever your mental tuner is focused on, or your thoughts, attractions brings more from that flow of energy: positive or negative. As with any spectrum, there is a midpoint, a balance in the middle of positive and negative. That is a time referred to as quieting the mind during meditation. It also occurs during sleep as the mind is no longer attuned to one spectrum and thoughts subside. Sleep can perform a reset for the mental tuner. However, people who have a practiced pattern of thought, a chronic focus on negativity, it will take more than sleep to change that focus. It will now require conscious, steady focus on positivity to shift attention.

Law of Attunement

Much has been spoken and written about the Laws of the Universe, specifically, the Law of Attraction, as it seems to provide a platform that provides the easiest answers for those who are in need. The fact is that the answers sought are not a result of a single “secret” or one Law of Attraction, but a collective set of laws.

One law that is of significant importance for those who seek answers, and those who find they are out of alignment, is the Law of Attunement. The person writing this article has done this for so long it has become second nature, and yet it can easily be set aside.

Anyone can attune. Everyone attunes to some degree by default, and it is often referred to as focus. Attunement can be shallow or cursory, or attunement can be a complete connection to what is called “Infinite Intelligence” – “God” – “Source” – The Great Beyond” – “A Collective Consciousness”.

The writer of this article can quickly attune to the highest frequency – even in unusual settings, or noisy places for a brief time. The strongest connection occurs in a peaceful environment with prompts such as love nearby or music. If a person decides to attune, they can change their focus, vibration, and flow of energy to a positive source, and take full advantage of Infinite Intelligence. Most people choose split energy: negative and positive.

Law of Interaction

A Universal Truth: Everything there is in existence, everything that was created, everything that will be made or thought or written, is done because of the Law of Interaction.

The Law of Interaction states:

  • Energy is sustained by the interaction of positive and negative streams.
  • Higher order collective consciousness is sustained by the interaction of wisdom, insight, and knowledge with human minds sending or transmitting signals that require (or request) guidance.
  • Collective Consciousness is sustained by the interaction of energy flowing to and from the human mind, through impulses or signals that transmit new memories, ideas, words, images, and all that humans think about.

New writings, music, paintings, drawings, ideas, inspiration, insight, and much more are a result of the interaction of a mind willing to tap into infinite wisdom, creativity, and knowledge – with the source of all that is or higher order Infinite Intelligence. This interaction may become so practiced that the ideas flow naturally and easily, to the point the person just has to focus briefly and receive.

Some people tap into this interactive state not really understanding the process but knowing it works as they have seen the results. Others may give it a name or attribute it to a divine cause. But everything is a result of an energetic state, an interaction of the signals which the mind transmits. The mind is always producing thoughts and some of those thoughts interact with past memories, tapping into one end of the energy spectrum.

Some thoughts are processing events of the day and that is often when inspiration comes through, when there are fewer filters ready to block it out or hide it. The Law of Interaction teaches that we cannot live without interacting. We wake up and interact with our environment. We interact with others. But the most important interactions are those going on in our mind.

The Importance of Your Mindset

For me, I have learned to be open and listen to my inner voice, and trust my internal guidance. Anyone can connect to the Collective Consciousness and higher order Infinite Intelligence. It takes practice to focus and allow inspiration and wisdom to come to you. This is especially true for bigger or important subjects, as Infinite Knowledge may not translate easily into the knowledge a human mind currently possesses. It also requires removing fear, especially removal of the fear that has been instilled by religious organizations that wants you to believe you cannot have direct access to this knowledge and wisdom on your own.

I have had a powerful connection my entire life, although I did not always understand or accept it. More importantly, it did not agree with my religious upbringing and it was a struggle at first to reconcile this conflict and then overcome it. It also took time to discover the source of peace and balance this connection could provide. Once I learned to accept and understand it as a natural human connection, I found tremendous inner peace and harmony. Now I quiet my thoughts and focus, even in a noisy place, although I prefer a peaceful environment with soft ambient music.

One of the teachers of the Law of Attraction who I have listened to, who has helped me in my journey, presents this wisdom through channeling. I see this as a form of theatrical presentation, as a means of providing higher order wisdom from someone or somewhere else.

  • Consider this perspective: If you thought the wisdom being provided was just coming from that person, rather than a higher being or Collective Consciousness itself, would you be as likely to believe it?
  • The presentation of wisdom through channeling is similar to formalized religion. It is dissemination of infinite knowledge from an authorized person, meant to create dependency on that person. If that person taught strategies to enable people to be independent, they would listen once or a few times, and not need to come back.

But what this teacher does, or any teacher of the Law of Attraction, is to access Infinite Knowledge or Infinite Wisdom. It is accomplished through focused thought, which is something anyone can do. I followed this particular teacher long enough to understand the Law of Attraction but then I soon outgrew what was being presented. I knew there was much more than one Law of the Universe to answer the many questions I have, and this might also help guide other people in their self-discovery. That is why I began to write and share my own journey of awakening.

I plan to continue on with my journey and write more as I connect to higher order Collective Consciousness. I am doing this to learn and help others. The knowledge gained and ability to connect has not made me wealthy, solved all of my life’s problems, or helped me find cures for family members who are ill. I am still discovering the purpose for my connection and how to live an empowered life. I do know there are others like myself who want to learn more than the Law of Attraction alone can answer, and I will continue to explore the many other Laws of the Universe.

What I can tell you is that I have lived a peaceful life while awaking to this connection, a life of ease and flow. For example, just as soon as one job ended, I did not panic. I trusted the wisdom I have access to for inspired action and to know there was a bigger plan in place, and another job became available when the timing was right. Not my timing or my plan, but the right time and place. When I am connected to Infinite Wisdom, I feel a sense of peace and well-being. If you can discover this for your life, it can help you sustain a positive mindset. I will help teach you what I have learned as I continue to explore the Laws of the Universe.